What We Offer

Custom Formulation of Bulk Water Soluble Liquids and Powders.

Full Consultation throughout the Formulation and R&D Process.

A line of 20+ Private label finished CBD goods.


Raw Materials

Full spectrul oil & water soluble CBD powder and isolate.

GRAMS is a leader in the formulation of Liposomal Micro Emulsion Liquids and Nano Particulate Micro Encapsulated Spray Dried Powders. Dependent on the clients request GRAMS can formulate using Isolate, Full Spectrum Distillate and THC Non Detect Distillate

  • Water Soluble Isolate Bio Powder

  • Water Soluble Full Spectrum Powder

  • Water Soluble Isolate liquids

  • Water Soluble Full Spectrum liquids

White Label Products

Grams disctirubtion can help you manufacture, bottle and ship your CBD products.

Let us manufacture your choice product in bulk so that you can slap your label on and add a new product to your line! Our GMP certified facilities will work with you to develop and deliver a product you and customers will love. 

  • Topical Analgesics

  • Nasal Spray

  • Stick Pack Powder

  • Athletic Products

  • Sublingual Drops

  • Topical and Cosmetics

The Process

Custom formulas +terpene profiles

grams only used locally sourced 100% organic refined hemp.
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GRAMS starts with domestically sourced hemp grown right here in the USA.  Our Hemp is certified Non-GMO and grown using sustainable growing practices. The Bio Mass is then processed into Isolate or Distillate Extractions by cGMP compliant labs here in the states.


Traceability is one factor that is helping to separate competition in the market. Every order placed will be accompanied by the proper Certificates Of Analysis from the original Extractions as well as an in house COA. Third party testing is always available and encouraged.

Looking to build something truly special in this fast growing CBD space? Let GRAMS customize your Powder or Liquids with Terpene Profiles, Caffeine, Amino Acids, Electrolytes and Other Ingredients.

Create products like Strain Specific Beverages, “Focus” Stick Packs, “Energy” Pre & Post Protein Powders, and “Sleep” Sublingual Drops.


“Grams is my go to source for my formulation needs, great customer service, best prices, and the quality is superior” - CBDestination