GRAMS Water Soluble powder is a “Nano-Particulate Micro-Encapsulation”. This is accomplish by using a Pharmaceutical Spray Drying Process. These techniques have been used to increase bio-availability in other compounds, and has been proven to be one of the best options for increasing the bio-availability of active compounds that have a poor aqueous dissolution rate.

Our Capabilities include working with both Isolate and Distillate to create a “Full Spectrum” or “THC Non-Detect” Water Soluble powder. The powder is easily blended into other powders like Capsule Filling, Protein Powder, Pre-Workout, Drink Mixes, Tea Leaves, Coffee Grounds, Stick Pack Projects, etc..

Water Soluble Powder can be customized with an array of different ingredients, including Terpene Isolates, and Terpene Profiles. Formulating with Terpenes can open the door to new products like Energy, Sleep, Focus, and Strain Specific Formulations.

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